Tradition and Technology

A look always attentive to new technologies and a wealth of experience are the driving force that enables our staff to create small works of craftsmanship.


A good product that lasts over time needs first quality materials.

Tradition and technology, this is the synthesis of our company that, without giving up craftsmanship, has always strived toward innovation, finding the balance that became an important point of reference in the suction hood sector.

Tailored-made design, care for details and constant comparison with the customer – these are the elements that help us make unique products, perfectly compliant with the needs of those who choose Artel.

From design to installation, Artel ensures – through its highly specialized staff – accurate support and the perfect completion of our customers’ requests, with a careful eye to new trends and field technologies. A good product that lasts over time needs first-rate materials, and this is Artel’s production cornerstone. Always in step with times, technology never stops, and Artel – with cutting-edge machines and a technical team always up to date – can ensure modern and efficient hoods.

The passion for our job and a sound experience are the engine that helps our staff create small craftsmanship gems.

Many requirements, and sometimes challenges, that we take on in a professional way to ensure a product that matches our customers’ needs.


Craftsmanship and Technology

Passion for their work, state-of-the-art machinery and great experience, are the engine that allows our staff to create small works of craft art.


Chi ha scelto la qualità e il design delle cappe aspiranti Artel

Punto di forza di Artel è la personalizzazione del prodotto, concepito dall’azienda nella sua massima flessibilità progettuale ed esecutiva. Per questo alcune delle più importanti aziende di cucine hanno scelto la qualità e il design delle cappe aspiranti Artel.